What are Bag in Boxes?

Bag in Boxes are essentially cardboard boxes which contain a bag of wine. They can be found in different formats and we offer 5 and 10 liters bags.

The benefit of these products is that the wine is literally vacuum packed and, for this reason, the product’s oxydation is not able to begin. Once opened they can last for about one year!

Our Selection

Red Italian Wine

With 12,5% Vol. it is our favourite wine to match almost every meal. It is suitable to every meal of the day. It is available in 5 and 10 liters Bags and in our opinion it represents the perfect conjugation of value and quality!

Le Gallozzole Sangiovese

Directly form the farmhouse Le Gallozzole

A pure Sangiovese with 13% Vol.

Well-bodied and with an awesome presence it is perfect to be matched with red meat

Available in 5 and 10 liters Bags.

Montepulciano d’Abruzzo

Montepulciano d’Abruzzo from Cantine Casimirri, an exquisite wine with 13,5% Vol. placed in an extremely elegant 5 liters cardboard barrel

It’s intense flavour make it suitable to match red meat and game.

Rosato Abruzzese

Still from Cantine Casimirri here it is their Rosé!

It present itself with 13% Vol. and it keeps the fresh notes and a lovely aftertaste. It manage to be perfect to be paired with white grilled meat and pizza!

Available in 5 liters Bags.

Trebbiano Rubicone

Our lighter white wine. It has 11,5% Vol. and it is ideal to be sipped peacefully at dinner! It is available in 5 liters Bags.


From Abruzzo it comes the Passerina!

It’s good sourness paired with it’s fruity and floreal aroma let it be paired with seafood and fish dishes without overcoming their flavours.

It comes in 5 liters Bags.


This Chardonnay from Terre di Chieti has a gentle scent and an harmonious flavour. It comes from Cantine Casimirri. It is particularly appreciated because of it’s unique flavour and it’s 13% Vol.

Available in 5 liters Bags.


This Pecorino has a good sourness and minerality, and it comes from Cantine Casimirri.

It is perfected to be matched with full-bodied fish dishes. It has 13% Vol.

Available in 5 liters Bags.

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