Fuet is another Spanish cured meat, original form the Catalan gastronomy.

It is a dried sausage made of grounded lean pork meat, seasoned with black pepper and salt. It is then bagged in pig’s guts.


The word Chorizo represents various kind of Spanish cured meats, generally made from beef or pork and seasoned with paprika. Chorizo is particular because it is made from minced pork meat and not grounde, and it is seasoned with oil, salt and paprika which can be spicy or sweet. It is the paprika that gives the Chorizo its typical red colour.

Salame Castelli in Aria

We present to the public our personal Salame Toscano, made with our wine Castelli in Aria.

Its coarse grain and its rustic flavour are what you need to bring on the table the ancient Tuscany’s flavours.

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